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WeTransfer is a simple and important tool when working with Dang Video. It allows us to access all of your uploaded video footage and assets that are needed to complete your video request.

How to use WeTransfer to send assets

WeTransfer is simple and easy to use and our recommended and primary file transfer tool that we use to send and receive files. You will not need to create an account, but WeTransfer may ask you to verify your email address. Here is how to send files using WeTransfer.

  1. Head over to 
  2. Add project assets by dragging your files to the page or by simply clicking the ‘Add your Files’ button above the form.  
  3. Add your email address and make sure you are sending your assets to ‘
  4. Optional: To quickly request a new project, you can skip the project request form if you include project details in the message box. Here is what you would need to include: 
    1. Video Instructions 
    2. Where the video will be posted (ex. YouTube, Facebook, E-Commerce)

Note: It is not required to create a WeTransfer account when working with Dang Video. When you submit a video project request, our team will send you a WeTransfer link to upload all your footage, sound effects, music, graphics, etc.