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When video projects are ready to review, Dang Video makes it easy to review your project and write revision notes. This article shows you how to review your video project.

How to Review your Video

When video projects are ready to review, we make it easy for you to write notes and comments on the changes you would like to make. Here is how to use our review platform. 

1. WHEN YOUR VIDEO IS READY FOR REVIEW – You will receive an email from Dang Video via Wipster notifying you that your video is ready for review. Open the email and click on the “Start giving feedback” button.

2. MAKING REVISION NOTES, play your video and click anywhere on the video screen at the desired timestamp to open a comment box. Write notes in the comment box to notify our team that you would like something changed. Our team will be able to view all your notes and will make changes accordingly.

3. FINISH REVIEWING – When you’re done making your notes, click on the “Finish Review” button to notify our team that you are requesting more changes. happy with the video! This will tell our team to move on to your next video project! 

HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO – To download your video project,  click on the down arrow to open the video download options. You may select to download one of the following options: Original (usually the best quality), 1080p (HD), or 540p.